Towards The Spiritual

Two of my paintings are included in following exhibition “Towards The Spiritual” as I was one of the  invited artist and recipient of an award too.

Towards the Spiritual
July 26, 2022 through January 26, 2023
We are excited to announce our first virtual exhibit, featuring the work of 2022 spiritual art grant recipients Deborah Hamon and Emily McIlroy along with the work of six other artists. These artists were chosen from over 360 applicants throughout the United States for our 2022 Spiritual Art Grant opportunity. Read about the grant winners and invited artists.
MOFSA exists to support artists who create works that inspire peace within individuals and between disparate communities. MOFSA is not bound to any particular religious creed, rather we hope to encourage artists as they pursue their own spiritual path. The artists represented in our exhibit reflect different religions and spiritual perspectives, all supportive of our vision.
The theme of our exhibit is “Towards the Spiritual“. In this time of darkness and multiple challenges, we hope that the work of our artists will support you in your life’s journey and inspire hope.
Our virtual exhibit uses the ArtPlacer platform and provides a 3-D viewing experience. We hope you will enjoy it!
Earth is spread for all creatures-30″/60″
Flow of Humanity II 36″X36″ Canvas

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