The Tent-We Are All One

The Tent-We Are All One

I am invited by Farhat Art Museum to create a tent for refugees with my art. The museum has plans to hold exhibition in Middle East and many Middle Eastern artists are invited too.

I wanted to make use of this unique opportunity to create a tent that welcomes all, embraces all. I painted one side wall with flow of humanity of different skinned faces yet connected. Second side wall shows the impact of Pandemic on all humanity. It has proved that we are same as virus doesn’t distinguish among races or nations. On the back wall I wrote the verse from Quran that God has created all human beings from one soul and one set of parents so we all are connected. Front wall has again a quote from Quran that says God has all creatures communities like human communities. So we have to love, respect and take care of all animals, birds, trees, insects, fishes flowers and plants. Embrace them and share the gifts of earth with them.

For two sides of roof for the tent I chose some sacred text verses that emphasize that the world is one family or we are one community. The texts are from Arabic, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Gurmukhi and English. The symbol of Ubuntu is universal and a poem by Saadi Shirazi brings out the concept of oneness beautifully…

Human beings are like parts of a body,
created from the same essence.
When one part is hurt and in pain,
the others cannot remain in peace and be quiet.
If the misery of others leaves you indifferent
and with no feelings of sorrow,
You cannot be called a human being.

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