The Lyrical Line

I have always believed in moving lyrical line that emanates from my soul. As a child I used to doodle and draw for hours as I was searching for the reason of my existence. Drawing was my need find the purpose of my Creator for creating me. I joined Arts College and learnt to draw realistic objects, people, landscapes but my art developed in either abstract or entangled forms as I went to Baroda to do my masters. Given the freedom I was back at the search for my existence. Working through motion, myth, and mystery gradually I found this continuous line is symbolic in my attempt to connect all humanity. Few years later it appeared to spread spiritual messages on large canvases in the form of moving lyrical Arabic Calligraphy. With deep awareness of Oneness increasing in me, my lines led me through entire creation and showed me path to embrace all. Now these moving lines are discovering mycelium networks under the earth, promising to sustain us all by connecting and bringing together humanity, soil, and soul. Our survival is hidden in these entangled connections…
I know each painting is my need to create, a compulsion rather than a will and my soul in the form of continuous line is invested in each work, as I just follow an externalization of impulse rather
than decision.


Fear not. God is with us - 2013 - 52x72 Acrylics on canvas

Intimate Moments-2

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