Celebration of Calligraphy


Celebration of Calligraphy is my new series of paintings to enlighten and awaken the spiritual connection of universal humanity through lyrical and fluid imagery of Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic patterns. I find myself yearning to find infinite possibilities of the lyrical line itself on large canvases. I just want to plunge myself into the pleasure of contemplating the abstract flow of the swelling lines, and form compositions of lines and fields within given space and enjoy the celebration of calligraphy through lyrical visions. I am creating these large-scale paintings using Arabic Calligraphy to reflect the positive and universal message of Al-Quran to the world. My purpose is to reach out to a broad community in the pursuit of peace; to celebrate diversity, and create a positive interfaith dialogue through visual art that subtly penetrates the human heart to evoke response.

  • Size: 8″/8″
  • Year: 2014
  • Medium: Printed