Charity Art Sales

Welcome to Charity Art Sales

I have formed this nonprofit with the intention of keeping my legacy of oneness alive and continuing beyond time and space. It is an organization for us, by us. It does not aim at benefiting a single person it is aiming at benefitting us all as a community. I want to help other nonprofit charities by selling my art works and sustain myself by offering my services.

I invite you to work with me!

If you ever wanted to possess an original artwork and help a good cause too then I am offering you this platform. You may buy any painting or print of your choice from this page and 70% of the proceeds you will be giving to any charity that you prefer and 30% of the proceeds you will be paying to Oneness projects to be used for shipping/handling the artwork to you and for administration.


  1. Choose any of the paintings below
  2. Add to cart
  3. Use this coupon code 4charity2021 for 70% discount during checkout and send 30% to Oneness Projects.
  4. Decide the charity organization that you like
  5. Make your donation in the amount of 70% of the price directly to that charity.
  6. Email me ( the proof of your donation
  7. I will ship the painting(s) to your address

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