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Artful Charity!

This is a charitable website for helping poor and destitute families everywhere they have been hit by the pandemic, racism, mass killings, wildfires, tornadoes, or droughts.

I invite you to work with me.

Over the years I have created and sold for profit many celebrated paintings; but now I wish to donate my paintings for charity, giving back to my global community. You may buy any painting or print of your choice from this page and 70% of the proceeds you will be giving to any charity that you prefer and 30% of the proceeds will be used for shipping/handling and for administration fee.


  1. Choose any of the paintings below
  2. Add to cart
  3. Use this coupon code     4charity2021     for 70% discount during checkout.
  4. Select any charity organization that you like
  5. Make your donation in the amount of 70% of the price
  6. Email me ( the proof of your donation
  7. I will ship the painting(s) to your address

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