Pandemic Poems Collection

We Will All Come Out Together

Some say planet earth is under repair

Some say it is time for Sabbath

Sacred and blessed time to stay quiet and pray

Slow down and spend time with family

Every moment is transitory

Wise scriptures remind us again and again

You will be tested with some fear and hunger, loss of lives and wealth

But remain steadfast and feel deep gratitude

Trust these dark clouds will burst open and bring April showers

I have heard the birds chirping, spring is around the corner

We will all come out together and console each other

And love each other as never before

We are connected and dependant on each other more than before

We shall heal each other with much compassion and adore…


Corona Station

We were all travelling in this life

In different directions,

In our own rides

Towards choice of our own destinations

Some walked and some drove

Some of us preferred flights or trains or boats

But we have all arrived at the same station

Corona Station!

We are at halt.

How all different rides have stopped here?

We are looking at each other and wondering

How did we arrive here!

May be it is a Universal plan

To bring us together in pain

As relationships formed in pain are forever

So if we are given the signal whenever

And if we move out from this location

(May be it is so!)

Let’s not forget this Corona Station

Where we were together in pain

And let’s be together in our good times forever…




Imagine we are all caterpillars!

Climbed into our own cocoon

By an Universal ordinance

We have to hang in there

Isolating from the rest of the world

Going through changes in our life

Accepting unseen and sacrificing

Growing empathy for others

Suffering the pain of loss and

Churning within

Uncertain and curious and wondering

How caterpillar was thinking

In this stage of transformation!

Did caterpillar know that it will come out soon flying?

As a beautiful butterfly!

Now imagine if we all become butterflies

Spreading joy, love and color

On this earth and in each other’s lives

Dancing together around the globe!



Why you are asked to self quarantine today?

It is an opportunity for you to meditate, reflect and concentrate

Connect with God and love all

Yesterday you wanted to isolate from friends and family

And didn’t have time to pray!

But today you don’t have option

In fear of a wide spreading virus!

To stay home and practice compassion and empathy

Once again it is a chance to know your family

Appreciate love and the value of life

Hold on to this love in your heart

As it will gather power and keep the virus away…


Feeling Lost!

My paint brushes are searching me

My canvas is staring at me

And I am shying away from them

Hiding behind the fear?

No I am practicing social distance

But why you are distant from your own self

Look within yourself and remove the layers of worries

This is the time to encounter the unknown

Meditate and discover answers to your queries

May be later some day

It will translate on your canvas!



This is the world war three

Of 21st Century

Our enemy is invisible

Attacking us from front and back, left and right

You cannot use your top of the line weapons

Technical Intelligence or diplomacy

Only Almighty has the power to remove this calamity

Let’s pray together for well being of the humanity

As only He has the power to say Be and It Is!


Let’s make use of this quite time

Outside and inside

When there is no rush or deadlines

Let’s turn towards inner light

And ignite other hearts’ light

With all your senses and might

Vibrate the positivism

To increase our immunity


The army of invisible virus with crown on their heads

Is attacking the whole globe

From front or back, left and right

Advancing each day killing human beings

O humanity!

We had raped and looted our planet earth

We misused and disturbed the balance on earth

With greed and selfishness

Looked down upon others

Now let’s promise each other love abound

Whether in death or life

And cooperation with planet earth all around

Because tomorrow I may not be here

Or you may be buried under the ground

And ask for forgiveness for all our crimes

So that we rise as pure human beings

When we face our Lord in eternity…


This deadly Corona virus

Will not affect animals, birds and moths

Plants trees and flowers

Fishes, whales or seals?

It is a blow only in the face of all human beings

For ill treating the Nature supreme

All other creatures on this beautiful earth

Follow ordinance and obey Almighty

Humans misused their gift “Free Will”

Disobeyed the command

And destroyed the measured order in the creation

Wake up O human soul!

Surrender to your God

Take care of Nature

Live up to your title of Vicegerent…

O Departing Souls

We shall miss you,

We shall cry for you ever

And pray for your peace

May you now live forever in

The Loving Arms of our God!



May God grant relief to us all

As He is all Powerful

May He remove the calamity from this earth

As only He can say

Be and it is!






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