Our Earth: Embracing All Communities

East Bay Community Foundation has awarded Individual artist grant for my project “Our Earth: Embracing All Communities.”

Feeling blessed as now I can focus on my project which is in fact response to our current situation. We know deep in our hearts that we have arrived here because we have over consumed our resources, ill treated our mother earth and other living communities.
My project aims to explore the themes of ecology, sustainability and green living as they appear in the verses of the Quran and then translate them into visual imagery using a combination of Arabic calligraphy and illustrative mixed media paintings. Through these new series of paintings I wish to reinforce the scientific concept of the ‘chain of life’ the concept that each species depends on another and together they maintain the balance of life on Earth. The purpose of this project is to amplify awareness of the imbalance that humans have created in nature, and to encourage people to care for the Earth and live in harmony with other living things.

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