Ocean of Humanity

Ocean of Humanity

Do not lose faith in Humanity

It is vast, limitless, spread out ocean

It does not get dirty with a few drods of dirt at one end

On other end, look at the sparkling waves gushing forward to cover it!

No evil human powers can destroy its beauty,

They only cry for our attention and invites us to advance with force and faith

Do not shake with fear at a mere bomb blast

Or several gun shots

Rise with determination like these waves to cover the dirt of the shores

Do not stop as these are only warnings sent again and again

Move with intention to clean and heal the naked wounds of humanity

Do not blame anyone as the evil ones are also part of this humanity

Designed and destined to be with us to test our humanity

Ignore them and learn to live with patience and power to heal

It is within you O humanity

Humanity is an Ocean life-giving and eternal

Can few drops of evil destroy this glorious unity?





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