One day while walking along the Bay I found three Palm frond branches calling me From behind the bush Though the fronds were dry

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Passion for Oneness

My passion for oneness and my dream to bring all together was seeded in me since my childhood. My family was originally from Sindh, Pakistan.

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Art For Aids

UCSF Alliance Health Project Art Website for show Dates of exhibition Auction, October 11-16 2021

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Four Squared 2021

Group Exhibition at- Arc Studios & Gallery | 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 28th August to 9th October 2021

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Motion, Myth & Mystery

In my search to find my identity, after arriving in the United States, the new paintings that started emerging on my canvases were “Myth and

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Current Crisis

The Year 2020 has been eventful.  I have created many works that have been inspired by current events. I call these series Current Crisis:2020  

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