My path of Spirituality.

My purpose is to bring hope and peace. I do not want to judge anyone or pass comments on any scholar’s quotes. I am searching for guidance through verses of Quran. This book is given to me by my God. I trust Him as I trust this book and His prophets. Beyond that my knowledge is very little. I cannot even say that I understand this book very well… My knowledge is much less but I have been guided to find that niche in my heart where the lamp of God’s knowledge is burning and in its light I have learnt to follow the path of my God. My mother had directed me towards this light and once I found it, I have been overjoyed and I am dancing with celebration of the new found treasure until today through my paintings, sculptures and poems.

I was Hindu as a child so I was naturally looking for icons but as I reached my youth, one day my God asked me to follow His footsteps on a different path. I showed little fear and hesitance and He smiled and said come and do not be afraid. So I just changed my path of my family, ancestors and followed His footsteps on to a new journey. My mother saw me turning to another direction but smiled and blessed me as only she knew that I will not disobey my God..

On my new path I got love, love and love and new life, new name. But the icon of my God disappeared. He decided for me that I do not need any icons and I accepted that. He did not leave me so I was not alone. I became wife, daughter in law and mother. He let me enjoy these pleasures and pains of new relationships and walked with me at my pace patiently. I was occupied in several chores and spent less time talking to Him. But then one day He jolted me harshly to awaken me. He said do you know why I asked you to follow me on this path called Islam? Wake up and try to find out the cause and help this path of peace…. Islam.

I started reading this book to know that why my God has brought me here. I read translations several times. I did not understand much, as verses are heavy and covered under Historical events, contemporary Arab life, poetic descriptions of God’s creation and Allegorical stories of Heaven and Hell. I always got distracted from the path, started arguing with my own self, cried for knowledge and struggled every day as it was the order of my God to find out why He has given me this book to read. Until I learnt as how to dive down in these glorious verses from Allah and pick out verses of hope and peace for humanity.

Now I feel my path is clear and I want to spread this message of Unity, Hope and Peace through all my artistic efforts.

Salma Arastu



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