Motion, Myth & Mystery

In my search to find my identity, after arriving in the United States, the new paintings that started emerging on my canvases were “Myth and Mystery Series”. These began with my continuous lyrical line on the canvas and ended up bringing out the mysteries buried under my subconscious mind. I worked from 1991 until 1999 on these myth series where fishlike figures appeared on my canvas. These clearly showed the influence of the folk art and love for the native patterns, colorful palette, and intricate details. The colors and traditions of Rajasthan, India, the region of my birth, have created the inspirational foundations of my work.

I work in thin layers of Acrylic paints. Each layer reveals the layer within. Then I add details with fine brush or pen & ink. and cover it again with another thin layer. It is a process. I do not know that how I achieve at the result except my faith. I know Super energy guides my hand.

I have several of these paintings from this series on sale on my website shop

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