From Meera Bai to Rumi: In Search of Eternal Love

On a very personal note, I considered myself to be a spiritual artist even before I embraced Islam. I was born a Hindu and I was raised reading the Vedas, the Upanishads, The Ramayana and The Geeta. My mother, being very spiritual, directed me towards God and said that God has created me for a special reason and that I should try and find that special reason. I immersed myself in drawing and painting and it has been the vehicle for me to find out the purpose of my existence.

In Hinduism spiritual knowledge is usually defined as the realization of our oneness with the Supreme Soul. And we all have a divine element within us, a thought, which is also emphasized in Islam. In the Quran Allah says: Call on me and I will answer your (prayer). Al-Quran: Sura 40: verse 60. Lord Krishna says in The Bhagwat Geeta: I am easily reachable who think of nothing but me.- Bhagwat Geeta: 8:14

So how could I see the difference?

This image is from my new series called” From Meera Bai to Rumi: In search of Eternal Love”

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