Current Crisis

The Year 2020 has been eventful.  I have created many works that have been inspired by current events. I call these series Current Crisis:2020


The year 2020 has brought realty of our humanity

We should be grateful as now we know

We are divided inside and outside globally

We have ignored the spread of Corona virus

We have abused our glorious earth and its gifts

Deaths in millions around us did not move us

Wildfires and hurricanes could not wake us

We ignored the climate crisis

We even killed many of us brutally

Based on difference of color, faith, and race

And talked only in terms of Red and Blue

Black and white, Me and you

The year 2020 has brought us at the tip

Of this precarious and scary moment in the time

We were told by the wise scriptures

Describing the end of the world and

Retold stories of evil and good each time

One push from the enemy who is one among us

Will destroy you, me and him, whole humanity

Or one courageous action of a noble friend

Who also resides within us?

Might save you, me him and whole humanity…

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