Contemporary Muslim Women Artists in the Bay Area – Curated by Salma Arastu

Berkeley Art Center

Featuring works by Salma Arastu, Bassamat Fayoumi Bahnasy, Manli Salimah Chao, Rabea Chaudhry, Rubina Kazi, Yasmin Khafagy, Azeem Khaliq, Nabeela Sajjad and Ayesha Samdani.

Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 3, 6pm–8pm

Inspired by the beauty of Arabic calligraphy — which developed from the Islamic tradition forbidding the depiction of God, Mohamed and the prophets in art — the artists in this show work abstractly to represent spiritual concepts, words and ideas.

PLUS: “Sounds of Faith,” a program of spiritual songs by performers of various faith backgrounds, begins at 7pm and will include a recitation from the Quran, a Hebrew hymn, a medley of Indian bhajans, a healing hymn and Sufi chanting. Featuring Mustapha Harb, Taya Shere, Snigdha Venkataramani, Clare Hedin and Issa Chishty.

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