Tiny Creatures: Our Invisible Sustainers – Since 2022 & Continuing

The Tiny Creatures series visualizes microbes as integral to our ecosystem. In my search to find hope and the possibility to regenerate and rejuvenate our planet and plant life I have discovered the invisible tiny benefactors Microbes who are an integral and essential part of the web of life. They carry out a variety of important ecological functions, from recycling organic matter to aiding in the carbon and nitrogen cycles, help animals ingest food by being part of the gut microbiome. Microbes in oceans and soils across the globe are evolving to eat plastic, according to a study. They are currently being explored for construction, bioremediation, energy security and generation, and much more. If we disrupt the ecology of microbes that live in our gut, our health will suffer. If we disrupt the rich ecology of microbes that live in the soil-the guts of the planet-and the health of plants, too, will suffer.  These tiny creatures, microbes, are sustainers in the ecosystem.  I feel Intrigued and inspired by their story and have created a body of work to draw attention to them.