My works are lyrical, spiritual, figurative, and calligraphic. My paintings reveal stories of unity in diversity, hope and connection, celebration of earth, and women.

I have always believed that moving lyrical lines that emerge in my work are symbolic in my attempt to connect all humanity and spread spiritual messages through calligraphy.  Now these moving lines are discovering mycelium networks under the earth, promising to sustain us all by connecting and bringing together humanity, soil, and soul. Our survival is hidden in these entangled connections.

I know each painting is my need to create, a compulsion rather than a will and my soul in the form of continuous line is invested in each work, as I just follow an externalization of impulse rather than decision. The lines I create represent the spiritual energy that emanates from a soul.

Arabic Calligraphy, miniatures, and the folk art continue to influence my work today. I have tried to bring together Eastern spirituality and Western techniques of painting learned over the years. Through the contrasting elements in my work, I yearn and search for unity balance.

My method is a physical and meditative process that fills each canvas with moving lines and multi-layered textures. For me creating art means getting physically involved with the piece: scratching, sanding, layering materials like paper, rope, modeling paste, paper-mache or copper plate, and embroidering with pen and ink. I apply thin layers of acrylic color in between adding textures and this working process brings out subliminal images.

I feel blessed because I was born with two wings- the urge to create and a love for Creation. Both these gifts have been sources of eternal joy and a constant flow of positive inspiration in my life. I work every day and hope to spread the joy and blessings that I have received through my work.

Salma Arastu