Celebration of Calligraphy

My new series, “Celebration of Calligraphy,” started in spring 2009 after the publication of my book The Lyrical Line: Embracing All and Flowing. The book had been my dream for ten years while I was working intensely on several themes in my artwork. Once the book was published, I could stand back and think: “Now what?” I wanted to try new themes and techniques. I started working with copper, to bring sculptural shapes and materials into my painting, but I found myself yearning to find infinite possibilities of the lyrical line itself on large canvases.

Here on these large canvases, I want to release myself from telling human stories through the lyrical line. I also want to free myself from the actual meaning of the words and the text. I just want to plunge myself into the pleasure of contemplating the abstract flow of the swelling lines, and form compositions of lines and fields within given space. Though color is a particular interest of mine, in my present work I am experimenting with the movement of lyrical Arabic calligraphy line with minimal use of color. I want to release myself from the temptation of using color and enjoy the celebration of calligraphy through lyrical visions. Here the flow of humanity and spirituality merge. I am painting several canvases to absorb the lyrical language that starts from the field of action and sits in the field of the heart.

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  • ICA is currently working with the City of Aameda Public Library and the Alameda Multicultrual Center to bring a series of cultural, spiritual and artistic presentations/events beginning the month of January until April; the library had applied for a National Endownment of Humanties Grant specific to the subject matters indicated. Regardless whether we get the grant or not, we wanted to go forward with the events.

    I have seen some of your work exhibited at our city’s public library and was wondering if you would like to be one of the participating artists for an Islamic Art Exhibit. Please let me know of your interest and availability. I believe the art portion is slated for April.

    (By the way, you and I are fellow contributors to a Muslim woman’s anthology of poems and art work published several years ago).



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