Lyrical, spiritual, figurative, and calligraphic, my work speaks of human universality.

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Current Crisis

The Year 2020 has been eventful.  I have created many works that have been inspired by current events. I call these series Current Crisis:2020   The year 2020 has brought realty of our humanity We should be grateful as now we know We are divided inside and outside globally We have ignored the spread of Corona virus We have abused our glorious earth and its

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Our Earth: Embracing All Communities

My project “Our Earth: Embracing All Communities” is almost complete now. I have done 40 paintings inspired from 40 verses from the Quran that guide us to live ecologically. I am grateful to East Bay Community Foundation for a fair amount of grant and my art patrons and collectors for matching the grant too. I am grateful to my friend Dr. Basma Abdelgafar for her translations of

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The Tent-We Are All One

The Tent-We Are All One I am invited by Farhat Art Museum to create a tent for refugees with my art. The museum has plans to hold exhibition in Middle East and many Middle Eastern artists are invited too. I wanted to make use of this unique opportunity to create a tent that welcomes all, embraces all. I painted one side wall with flow of

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