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Healing through Art

I have always believed in power of art in healing desperate hearts and distraught souls. Art gives wings to body and hope to mind. It is our ability as a creative person to envision positive that can bring the difference in our own and someone else’s life. Art is a healing gift to the maker [...]

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Hungry Ghosts


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Are We Square Now

Today someone died in my family Yesterday you witnessed the death in your family.. Are we square now? The vigil in the remembrance of three beautiful bright lights Reminds me how darkness of hatred swallowed them up In this darkness I see the shadows Of men holding guns and revolvers Moving around in my backyard [...]

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Deep Meditation Day

Today the water was still Moving at a low pace as if meditating within The sky was without colors and gray spread all over The ducks were quite and standing still in deep waters Why is it so different today? Has gray become more powerful than the sun and its brilliant rays? Have winds forgotten [...]

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Constant Flow

Do not say again and again You are not able to enjoy the moments of life As time is running too fast! Time is flowing consistently and constantly Like these waves, winds and clouds Constant flow is the law of nature You also flow without culturally set minds Without any bias and bounds Flow with [...]

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You Are Woven Like A Tapestry

You are not alone in this world You are woven like a tapestry A million threads combined.... If a single thread is pulled The beauty of the pattern is damaged If a single knot is opened Nature’s balance is disturbed There is a purpose for each color Each stitch is measured Designed with love and [...]

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Nature and Motherhood

It is all about Nature, Nurturing and Mothers Nature created mothers to nurture the offspring Who turn into men, animals or birds….. I observed this morning immigrant birds sitting at the shore Watching the baby birds flying in circles and Returning to them and then taking a flight off again! Mother birds were teaching The [...]

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So That You Know Each Other

Modern mind set is to break into categories, classify and label each thing, each product and each human being… It is good method for things to understand but is it right for human beings especially as we are coming so close to each other globally? We read labels and shrink away and fall apart. Humans [...]

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“Courage” Tradition

On Saturday I attended an Ordination ceremony at The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley and I have been inspired by one graduating student’s remark who said “In US why are we asked as what faith tradition we follow when we apply for jobs? We should be asked what Courage tradition we follow as “courage” is another [...]

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Looking for Hope and Peace again

In these chaotic times we are all searching for Hope and Peace in every corner. But I have learnt from my experience that though star of Hope seems very dim and far when you look especially with tearful eyes but peace is right here, within your heart. Search for it there with prayer or meditation [...]

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